Ed-Digenous: educating the future while preserving Indigenous traditions.

Resources for teaching Canadian Indigenous culture

Every Child Matters Medicine Bag

$22 each donated to Aboriginal Artworks Group of Northern Ontario (AAGNO)

Special Edition Every Child Matters Tikinagan

$28 each

Make your own kits

Our kits are an excellent hands on & real-world learning supplement
for home-schooling students and those learning virtually.


Canadian Made Indigenous Learning Kits

Minimum of 20 products required per order.

North American Indigenous Eagle Feather Cedar Box

North American Indigenous Baby Rattle

North American Indigenous Beadwork Jewelry Choker

North American Indigenous Beadwork Jewelry Bracelet

Miniature Drum

TiPi (Tee Pee)

Birchbark Canoe




The Rattle

The Pouch Bag

Junior Pouch Bag

“My goal is to share traditional teachings by establishing community partnerships to empower Indigenous heritage and practices.”

John Ferris
Owner and Operator of Ed-Digenous Traditions