The mission of Ed-Digenous Traditions is to educate the future, while seeking to preserve aboriginal culture and tradition.

At Ed-Digenous Traditions, our core goal is to share and preserve the rich heritage of Indigenous cultures through creative, hands-on craft projects and art forms that are integrally linked with school curricula and lesson plans focused on Canadian and First Nations history, social studies, and art. We are committed to fostering cross-cultural awareness in mainstream education programs and institutions through the medium of art, providing a unique blend of traditional teachings and contemporary educational methods.

Our mission is to partner with schools, educational agencies, and community groups to express our culture and connect with students and the public by directly engaging them in the creation of arts-and-crafts projects. This approach not only educates but also encourages a deeper appreciation and understanding of Indigenous cultures. Additionally, our Indigenous art kits serve as an invaluable resource for meeting and exceeding the teaching expectations outlined in multiple curriculum standards, offering educators a tangible and interactive tool to integrate into their teaching strategies.

Ed-Digenous Traditions is proudly founded and operated by members of the James Bay Cree of Constance Lake First Nation. Our headquarters and workshop in Thunder Bay are the heart of our operations, where our craft kits are thoughtfully prepared and packaged. We prioritize sourcing the majority of our materials within Canada, staying true to our commitment to supporting local communities and economies.

As we stand firmly by our authentic Indigenous roots, we are pleased to present these art lessons of the First Nation cultures, crafted from our hands to yours. Our kits are designed to be inclusive and accessible, making them an excellent choice for schools, community groups, workshops, conferences, and recreational programs. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating Indigenous culture in a fun, engaging, and creative way, bridging the gap between traditional Indigenous art and contemporary education. Our dedication to this mission is reflected in each kit we create, ensuring that we not only share our culture but also contribute to the educational growth and cultural competence of students across various educational settings.

Build your own kits

Our educational kits are a practical teaching resource, meticulously designed for educators and academic institutions seeking to enrich their understanding of First Nations culture.


John Ferris

Owner and Operator of Ed-Digenous Traditions

My name is John Ferris. I’m a member of Constance Lake First Nation, and I have been artistically active most of my life. I began developing my portfolio in 1985 and in the summer of 1986, I received a letter of acceptance to the Ontario College of Art and Design. Afterwards, I continued to study Graphic Design at George Brown College. I was introduced to Michael John Angel, a Master Portrait painter who taught in the Classical Methods of Drawing and Painting of the Old Masters.

My goal is to establish an Aboriginal Arts Organization that will utilize AAGNO and by practicing our traditional art forms, incorporate them into educational systems. I have recently started the business, Ed-Digenous Traditions, where I create and develop Indigenous Learning Kits for schools, communities, workshops, conferences and post-secondary. These align with the new curriculum guidelines being introduced by Ontario and other provincial governments across Canada and will be connecting with international education institutions in the future.