Baby Rattle

In the North American Indigenous Culture, rattles were used to settle infants to relax, calm down the babies. Other beliefs were to dignify independency. They carry raw, powerful element energy and embody water, fire, earth, and air. Their construction celebrates the three kingdoms, or nations of animals, minerals, and plants. Animals are represented by the rattle’s container, or the leather used to decorate it.

30-45 min

Assembly Instructions


    1. Soak Rawhide in container for 3 hrs or more
    2. Put your rawhide pieces together and line up holes
    3. Take your needle and lace in your sinew through the needle hole
    4. Lace in from the one end of the rattle rawhide, pull through untill each ends meet to the same length
    5. Tie 1 knot to hold in place then take your needle with one lace and needle through to the end and repeat with the other lace but lacing in the opposite entrance of the holes
    6. Tie the laces together with 4 knots for security…prevents slippage
    7. Take your stick handle and spread the end on your rattle and slide in the stick to spread the inner area
    8. Spread out your funnel
    9. Spill your bag of sand into a cup or container and spill into your funnel to fill in the rattle bag
    10. When half way of filling your bag, grab your stick to pack down the sand and keep packing untill it spreads out the bag, then repeat by adding more sand till it’s packed tight and your bag is rounded out
    11. Keep handle in at the end and tie
    12. Let hang and dry overnight
    13. Remove the handle from the rattle
    14. Fill in about 2 inches of water in a cup or small container and soak the open end of the rattle and let stand for about hr
    15. Take rattle out of container
    16. Take some of your corn kernels and spill into pouch of your rattle then stick in the handle with the notch end into your rattle about 1 1/2” in
    17. Let dry and dress up with leather, beads, feathers or other raw materials that the natives would have used




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