Eagle Feather Cedar Box


Cedar Branches (Giizhik) is traditionally used for prayer, healing and protection.

The Cedar box is used in ceremonial practices within the Indigenous community. Giizhik (Cedar Branches} is one ofthe four sacred medicines used traditionally by the Indigenous people. Other sacred medicines include: Tobacco (Asemaa), Sage (Bashkodejiibik), and Sweetgrass (Wiingashk).

The Cedar box is used to protect and store sacred items such as ceremonial items, feathers, and other tokens such as jewelry and regalia. Cedar wood is a natural insect repellent with properties that protect against insects and pests, ensuring sacred items are kept in good condition.

These particular Cedar Boxes assembled by learners are to learn history, authenticity of material and there uses and for keepsake.

Assembly Instructions


1. Lay out all the materials.

2. Put the 2 pieces of cedar planks together (rounded edges facing on outside of box} with concaved plank as the bottom piece and other flat piece on top.

3. Screw on the hinges to the cedar planks in the pre-drilled holes indicated on back of planks top and bottom.

4. Screw on the 2 piece latch in the space indicated on planks, latch with hook on top and other part on bottom.

5. Close latch.



Curriculum Outcome

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