Natives of Northeastern North America use bags and pouches to contain many of life’s necessities around the home site and for travel. As Native American clothing did not incorporate European- like pockets, pouches of all shapes, sized and materials served this purpose. European explorers of North America in the early 1600’s observed that Natives “Always carry with them all their goods, as well as their food and green tobacco.” (de Laet: 1967) Pouches and bags were commonly fastened to a belt around the waist. Smaller pouches may have been worn around the neck or on the wrist. Bags that were not woven were traditionally made from tanned leather, animal bladders, and all types of furred animal hides from the mole to the bear. Pouches could contain food-stuff, smoking supplies, medicine, fire-starting equipment, ammunition, and other small tools and supplies used by men and women.

Assembly Instructions


    1. Remove the kit contents from the package
    2. Place the circle-shaped leather piece on a flat surface
    3. Take the one (1) part of leather lace in one hand and insert it into one of the 24 holes
    4. Feed the leather lace through all of the holes until it comes through the other end. Two ends of the lace should be free on each side of the pouch


    1. If you have beads you can add them on to one end of the sinew.
    2. Once you have added three of four of your favourite colour beads, tie a small knot on the end to make sure they stay in place. 




Curriculum Outcome

- suitable for junior kindergarten and up -

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