Our Every Child Matters Tikinagan conveys the following message to all residential school survivors, and to the Indigenous people of North America. Every Child Matters is the slogan, and the message is that we will honour innocent lives lost, and the families, communities and generations who feel the loss. It asserts that every child is important, including all those who lost their lives, and the adults who are healing from their difficult time at the residential schools.

Assembly Instructions


1. Take your body wrap cloth and lace and set around the white plastic body strap in base board, lining up with the 18 pre-cut holes.

2. Start to lace in from the one end, either from one of each end working your way from outside in and inside out so your lace can be tied with one knot on the outside. Continue to lace in and out till you reach the last hole of strap.

3. Tie your lace with one knot, cut lace at the same length (about 3”) and at the other end add your beads.

4. Lace in and out of the holes on the base strap, aiming for equal length of lace to remain at ends.

5. Insert body lace from outside in to bottom fabric holes in closed end of fabric, pull to equal length and lace equally crisscrossing through holes. When you reach last two holes thread from inside out to equal length.

6. Cut laces on each side to equal length. Slide beads on. Attach feathers– slide between beads and strip.

7. Fold receiving blanket lengthwise. Fold up once about 1/3 length to form closed bottom pocket. Insert into fabric and fold into collar at top.

8. Glue handle slots. Insert handle in glued handle slots.

9. Glue back-strip on back—lined up with protection strip, and centered with equal length on either side.

10. After 15 minutes of drying time if dried remove elastic bands, lace in fabric body wrap around base board strip by tying one end– then lace in and out till you reach the last hole and tie end.

11. Insert leather carrying strip into holes on back-strip and tie off with a knot on each end after attaching card or other decoration.

12. Decorate how you choose with paint, markers and stickers—and it could be varnished with an adult’s help



Curriculum Outcome

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